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How to Choose a Photo Image Editing Software that best Fits on your needs

In the market of photo and image editing software there are many worthwhile programs like Adobe, ULead, Nero and others. Some of these are exclusively for professional use (that’s why their cost a lot of money) with spectacular results and some others cost less with really good results that can satisfy the simple average user. There are also 100% free programs that compete with the best professional photo editing softwares with great success. Let’s see some of them. The series goes from the most expensive to the cheapest product.


One of the most famous and most popular photo and image processing software for professional use. The large number of features that offered and the outstanding results ranks it in the top of the species. Despite of many users turn to the market by searching other cheaper solutions because of the high price of the program. Of course this does not cease to mean that ADOBE PHOTOSHOP not worth the money. Recommended for professionals specialists.


Another professional and equally strong with the ADOBE PHOTOSHOP image editing program. It is better known as a painting program similar to MICROSOFT PAINT but of course with much bigger, fuller and more comprehensive capabilities. Definitely worth a try especially if you are acting on a professional environment. Recommended for professionals specialists.


If the above programs are too expensive because of your tight budget then it is better to take a look at the PAINTSHOP PRO which is an alternative solution offered by COREL. PAINTSHOP PRO combines ease of use with fully professional force by correcting photographic imperfections (red eye, brightness, color and more). Recommended for professionals specialists on a starting stage.


If you are looking for even more inexpensive solutions with qualitative characteristics that will enhance the effectiveness of your images and pictures then try ULead PHOTOIMPACT. With ULEAD PHOTOIMPACT you can easily edit your images on a digital art enviroment by having spectacular results. Recommended to users with an average level of experience on photo editing.


Another cheap but reliable solution in image processing issues (and not only) is NERO. This multi-tool is working to show, edit and export files (photos, audios and videos) in different formats. Recommended to novice users who are at an advanced stage of experience.


GIMP means General Image Manipulation Program and is part of the GNU Project which means that GIMP is a free program. No distinction between users and developers. Also GIMP is not just an image processor but a program that runs operations in the pixels that make up the picture. Recommended to novice users who are at an advanced stage of experience.


Good news are here! PHOTOSCAPE is a powerful photo-image processing software program designed for simple, easy and quick use. Offered free of charge to all users for ever and really has not nothing to be jealous with the similar programs that cost hundreds. Absolutely recommended to all users that are searching for a free desktop based image editor with professional capabilities.


If you make your first steps or if you are novice user but would like to involve in image processing would be better to start to experiment with a free and simple program in order to get a clue. Such program is MICROSOFT PAINT. You do not have to buy it or to download it because it is already installed with windows. You will find it by following the path “Start-> Programs-> Devices-> MICROSOFT PAINTING”.

As you can see, there is a large number of programs each one with different capabilities and prices from zero to thousands. My advice is to choose a photo-image editing software tool that best fits on your needs. Especially if you are a novice user with less or no experience do not let yourself go directly into the “deep”. It might be very difficult to understand how the program works in result to waste of time and money. Good luck with your selection.

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