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How to Check Gift Cards Balance Online

Whenever you receive a gift card for your birthday, or other holiday, often times it’s difficult to keep track of how much you’ve spent and how much you have left. Unless you keep all your receipts from your purchases, its difficult to tell what, if anything you have left on your card, especially if you haven’t used it in a long time. Of course, you could go all the way to the store to find out, or probably call the store, but most major companies have established ways to check the balance using their website, to cut down on phone calls. This also helps us, as we can decide what we want to buy based on how much we have on the gift card, before we get to the store, not having to maybe put some things back if you find out you don’t have as much money on the card as you thought. Well here are some ways of checking the balance of gift cards online, without having the call up the store and read them your card information.

The first step would be to go to the company’s website. You can find the link to check the balance under any link that says gift cards, or maybe FAQs. A quicker way to find this, without having to hunt around the website, is to simply Google “Check (Store Name Here) Gift Card balance”. Often times, the first link in Google will be the page you are looking for. Typically, this page will show you the various ways to check the balance of a card, including entering it online, a toll free number to check your balance, and the ability to find the store nearest you.

If you have trouble finding it on their website, or by doing a Google search, it’s possible that the company doesn’t offer this feature. This could be the case especially for smaller companies, and non franchise locations. Not every company has this feature, so you may have to call the store and ask for the balance over the phone, or ask on the phone how you can find out.

Check the store’s policies and information on the back of the gift card also, or on the “case” or paper shell that it came in. often times it has terms on it, and information about checking the balance. If the person who gave you the gift card gave you the receipt with it, often times there is information on the receipt of the gift card as well, about how to use the card.

With these tips in mind, you should be able to easily find out the balance of your gift card, most likely online, depending on the store.

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