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How to Avoid Addiction to Social Networking Sites

Do you check your Facebook page ten times a day? Do you post an update to let people know that you eaten your vegetables? Do you have a thousand twitter friends and read every single update by every one of them? If so, you may be addicted to social networking sites. To avoid such an addiction, take the following steps.

Limit the amount of time that you are on the websites

If you find that you are visiting social networking sites at an ever-increasing rate, then you might want to give yourself a finite limit. For instance, you may only let yourself go on three times a day. If you really want to crack down, then you can do it once a day. You want to force yourself to stay within these boundaries. Hopefully the addiction will wane and you will not feel the urge as strong as time passes.

Do not choose social networking sites instead of real world interaction

Some people will literally choose to stay with their Facebook, twitter or other social networking site buddies instead of their real friends. Force yourself to go out. Do not ever make the decision to stay at home when there is something else that you can be doing.

Force yourself to take some vacations

In addition to limiting how much time you spend on a daily basis, you may want to stomp out addictions by making yourself take vacations from it. For instance, you can decide to stop for a week. If you go away on a real vacation, then you may want to not bring your computer so that you cannot do it. If you are always on them through your cell phone then you might want to switch to a cell phone that does not have that capability.

Ask people to contact you in other ways

You may want to contact people in more personal ways instead of through social networking sites. For instance, instead of sending messages back and forth to your loved ones through Facebook, pick up the phone and call them. Better yet, if they live nearby then you should actually go and visit them. Do not have a relationship on there so that you feel like you have to check it very often.

You do not want to fall victim to an addiction to social networking sites. The above tactics may help you avoid such as occurrence.

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