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How much Internet is too much

When most folks think about social networking websites, they think generally of Face book, Twitter and My Space, but there are many other active sites with all types of connections that allows for 24/7 interaction. Most all the more than 150 active networking websites also have chat rooms and other channels for inaction. Folks are literally staying on the Internet longer than they are sleeping. Many even eat their meals while surfing. There are many downsides when so much time is spent on the Internet.

There are some who become frenetic in their quest to obtain the newest and the fastest networking electronics, many will even stay outside all night in lines circling around blocks in all types of weather to be the first to get into electronic stores to purchase the latest gizmos on the market. When you stop to think of all the cyber chattering, it’s a wonder anyone has time to stop and reconnect or to get in touch with themselves. There are some folks who use these sites to avoid facing life and will stay closeted in their homes day after day playing games, chatting in chat rooms or twittering.

This is especially troubling when children become permanent fixtures in front of their computers. According to Crunch Gear, the average teen spends 31 hours a week on the Internet, which is only 9 hours less than the average work week for the average adult. Another 3.5 hours per week are spent messaging. This is all rather unsettling, as there are a number of perverts trolling the Internet in their search for innocent children. Who is monitoring the time these children are spending on the Internet and also what they are seeing and doing?

There were some parents in California who complained about the vast amount of home work their children were required to do, but one would wonder when will they have time to do it as school work could not possibly be their priority?

The Internet and all the other networking tools are great, but there seems to be a lack of moderation and oversight. There is a growing disconnect among children about what is real versus unreality or fantasy. Manufacturers are steadily creating video games that are becoming more and more violent and children are viewing them, which no doubt they are doing in the 31 hours per week they are spending on the Internet. A lot of what they are seeing is being played out in schools and on City streets as they kill or maim their counterparts.

Perhaps, with all the websites and video games from which to choose, users should allot some time during the day, about 30 to 45 minutes, to cease all Internet activities and meditate on the things that are happening in their lives. It would also allow them time to rejuvenate not only the mind, but also the body as they would be concentrating on stilling all parts of the body in an effort to relax. Children should also be encouraged to take some time away from the computer and do something physical for 30 to 45 minutes each day. Adult users should choose some aspect of their lives and focus on it in crystal clear details. They should see things as they want them to be and keep the images in their mind even when they are on the Internet. They should do this exercise each day until what they desire and visualize materialize. At least they will have done something positive while spending so much time on the Internet.

If any user, adult or child, develop a sedentary lifestyle, they are setting them themselves up for various life-long diseases. For example, if they eat junk food, or regular food if eating is excessive, while they are at the computer, sooner or later it will turn into fat, which will put them at risk for coronary artery diseases. A lack of exercise or physical activities may also lead to overweight problems and diabetes.

Maybe it is time for Internet users to take to a step back and slow down and get some balance in their lives, all addicts do this if they want to kick the habit. Perhaps, they need to ask themselves whether what they are doing on the Internet is healthy? How can they cut the time in half they are spending online? Will what they are doing hurt others? Are their children being monitored to ensure they are not doing and seeing things they should not be doing or seeing so they do not become prey to Internet predators?

Moreover, they need to ask themselves whether they can make better use of their time if what they are doing is not a business or positive creative pursuits.




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