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How Blog Aggregators Work

In recent years blogging has proven itself as the medium of choice for alternative media. Whether you want to know more about a health condition, follow presidential politicis, or even find a good recipe, blogs have redefined the horizon. Today, there are hundreds of thousands of blogs vieing for your attention. With limited time, following your favorite blogs may be daunting. Blog aggreagators allow you to easily follow multiple blogs.

One very easy way to view news feeds, track blogs, and keep track of current developments in a single step each morning is through a news aggregator. Blog aggregators run off of RSS feeds. RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication”. Almost every published blog also publishes an RSS feed. Depending on the publisher’s settings, RSS feeds will display the last several posts. Readers subscribe to a blog’s RSS feeds. When a new post is published, RSS subscribers are notified. RSS feeds allow readers to quickly see their favorite blog’s newest posts. Blog aggregators are available that can either be downloaded to the computer or run off of a website.


Content is added to the news reader by entering the url or web address of the XML file. Sites that have an RSS feed available typically have an orange rss or xml graphic. Clicking on the graphic will provide the url of the feed. Some RSS readers will auto-detect an xml file on a site indicating that a feed is available. (assistance for those wanting to subscribe to RSS feeds).

Many blog aggregators allow users to organize their RSS feeds. Blog aggregators, such as Bloglines, allow readers to create folders. Once a folder is created, readers can move RSS feeds into them or add new ones directly into the folders. Folders allows readers to subscribe their RSS subscriptions according to topic, company, etc. For example, a reader follows multiple blogs about pet care. The reader has both a dog and a cat. One folder could be labeled as “dogs”. Any feeds pertaining to the care and grooming of dogs could be placed in the “dogs” folder. Organization allows the reader to more quickly find the information while reading.

Blog aggreagators automatically pull in new content from each RSS feed. Once the user subscribes to a feed, each time the feed is updated the content being viewed in the RSS reader indicates that there is new content. This insures that the customer has current information related to the topics they choose.

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