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Hard Drive Imagaing Software

When it comes to utility software one program outstrips them all, DeepFreeze from Faronics. DeepFreeze eliminates the need for registry cleaners, adware scanners, malware scanners, virus cleaners and a myriad of other tools and utilities designed to keep your computer running clean and error free.

How many times have you scanned your computer in hopes of eliminating a problem that has surfaced, only to find your time was wasted? Virus, adware and malware scanners can easily take an entire hour to scan a system and often do not address your particular problem. How often have you scanned, only to end up with a list of “infected” file names that you don’t recognize? Is it really a virus? Is it part of the operating system? Do I delete it, clean it, or move it to a vault? The task can be quite intimidating for the average computer user. Let’s not forget all the “Scan your PC for free” programs that are move than happy to show you a list of problems for free, but then inform you that the demo version only scans, it doesn’t repair.

Enter DeepFreeze. DeepFreeze takes an instant snapshot of an entire hard drive, keeping that image for later retrieval. What separates DeepFreeze from other imaging software is your image is restored every time you reboot your computer. The imaging and restoration is seamless using very few system resources and operating in the background. Any programs, cookies, viruses, adware, malware or any other type of program installed without your permission will be completely erased on your next reboot! It’s like turning an Etch-A-Sketch upside down and shaking it, you get a clean start and a fresh slate! DeepFreeze can be set up with a password, making it impossible for anyone else to permanently add files to your hard drive. It runs in safe mode, further ensuring that your computer remains exactly as you want it.

It’s a fantastic way to test new software, eliminating the need to uninstall later. Unlike Windows restore, DeepFreeze does not just replace essential system files. It replaces files, eliminates files that were installed since it’s last “freeze”, returns your registry to it’s original condition and eliminates the need for you to clean your hard drive regularly. DeepFreeze is the ultimate maintenance tool, quick, efficient and virtually hands free.

Virtually hands free? Obviously there are time when you wish to install software and don’t want it deleted upon reboot. For this operation DeepFreeze is told to go into “thawed” mode. All programs installed while in thawed mode will be protected by DeepFreeze on the next reboot.

The biggest drawback I’ve found with DeepFreeze is sometimes it works too well. It’s very easy to forget it’s running and documents you’ve saved or programs you’ve installed have disappeared! While programs can readily be reinstalled, documents are harder to replace. This problem can be solved by saving documents on a drive that is not being watched by DeepFreeze. Drives to be frozen are selected in the initial setup and cannot be changed without uninstalling the program and reinstalling.

All in all, drawbacks aside, DeepFreeze is well worth the asking price of $45. A 30 day trial version is available from Faronics with no limitations. After 30 days the programs simply stop freezing your drive.

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