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Hang w/ 2.0 lands on App Store

Hang w/ by MEDL Mobile has proved to be one of the success stories of 2013 in the app world. Originally released to the public in March 2013, the app has seen over half a million downloads on all platforms, over 233 million user notifications, 10 million user sessions and 1.7 million broadcasts. Not one to rest on their laurels, MEDL Mobile have raised the bar even further with the release of Hang w/ 2.0.

Hang w/ (pronounced Hang With) 1.0 allowed users to broadcast for three minutes, after which point, they would need to relaunch a new broadcast and rely on users to reconnect if they wished to continue viewing. Hang w/ 2.0 offer a good deal more flexibility over this feature. Broadcasters can now select how long their broadcast will be from a selection of three, six or nine minutes. Most people will automatically think that nine minutes is the best option to select as it means less restarts however this will only be beneficial if you have enough content to fill nine minutes. If you struggle to fill the time, viewers will disconnect and you’ll lose the chance of potential re-engagement with them in the future.

Hang w/ 2.0 has gone through a lot of changes to its engine which now makes for a much improved video and audio experience. It was not uncommon for the occasional freeze or pixelation of the screen in version one if the broadcaster was using a poor Internet connection, version 2.0 addresses this issue and although slow connections cannot be cured via a software update, Hang w/ 2.0 compensates for this as much as is possible.

Hang w/ has always been described as the video Twitter due to the limited amount of time you have to convey your message. The app now has more closer links with Twitter than ever before. Previously you could automatically post to Twitter when you were about to broadcast but now hashtags allow even deeper Twitter integration than before. These hashtags also allow for custom content channels to be created.

Currently Hang w/ is a free service but it has always been the intention of the developer to monetise the service in some way. This will be accomplished by displaying adverts prior to and immediately after a broadcast but micro transactions could also find their way into the app in the future. With this in mind Hang w/ 2.0 introduces the concept of coins that will be used to purchase digital content and goods in later versions. Details of this feature are still to be revealed.

Hang w 2.0 sees the introduction of a more robust and effective monitoring and moderation platform. The service has always had a zero tolerance policy to nudity and other adult behaviour but occasionally, broadcasts do slip through the net. It is anticipated that Hang w 2.0 will be far more effective in detecting such acts and users will be dealt with accordingly.

Saving the best until last, Hang w/ 2.0 now allows live streaming directly into Facebook. This means that people who don’t even have the Hang w/ mobile app can now view your broadcast. Facebook users can even share the broadcast with their friends, giving you the chance to go truly viral.

In a press statement, Andrew Matlin, CEO of MEDL mobile enthused :- “We intend to really push the limits of what’s possible with our streaming technology. By releasing stream to Facebook, along with longer broadcasts, we’ve made it easier for our users to capture and share live moments outside of Hang w/ – and we’ve made it easier for those moments to go viral.”

Due to the cutting edge technology used by Hang w/ 2.0, the app is only available to users who are using iOS 7. Users on earlier versions of the operating system will be required to upgrade before they can experience what Hang w/ 2.0 has to offer. The app is available as a free download from the App Store.

Currently, Android users are only able to enjoy the benefits of version 1.0 although version 2.0 will be on the cards in the forthcoming months.

If you think Hang w/ might be for you but want to see what its all about before downloading, you can view the promotional video on YouTube.

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