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Googles Advantage over Yahoo

One of the most widely used methods in navigating the Internet is through search engines. Search engines can provide a ton of information within seconds. Most people nowadays turn on to search engines when they’re looking for something such as books, people’s public profiles, cars, real estates, assignments, projects and term papers among others.

Today, the race as to the best search engine has been narrowed down to two-cornered fight between giant web companies Google and Yahoo!. Despite the fact that relevant statistics show that Google has the upper hand, Yahoo! is close behind and the argument can be very subjective and can boil down as a matter of personal preference.

Google began in 1996 as a research project by two Stanford University students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. They’ve developed an innovative web technology now known as PageRank. Both Page and Brin didn’t expect that their simple research project will turn into a billion dollar empire.

Yahoo! on the other hand, was one of the pioneers in diversifying the worldwide web. The concept behind Yahoo! was incidentally created by another genius tandem from Stanford University, Jerry Yang and David Filo.

Google and Yahoo! have been on an unofficial Internet war since the late 1990s. Both companies have reinvented and made major improvements when it comes to their services in order to gain the bigger share in the market. Google and Yahoo! have pushed each other to the limits because of their stiff competition.

Through the years, Yahoo! has offered various services, aside from the search engine business, Yahoo! has introduced games, messaging and web hosting services.

On the contrary, Google acquired subsidiary companies Blogger and Youtube. Hence, the bigger prize still lies within the race between the better search engine.

Google claims that their Google searches display more relevant results due to the PageRank technology, however according to some IT experts, that same “specification” strategy hurts Google. Google is said to be better when it comes to mid-level size company but it fails in comparison against Yahoo! in terms of bigger size companies and issues.

While this could be a matter of specification, it just seems that the two companies differ in terms of sub target markets. To date, Google introduces a faster way of search engine communication. Still, the millisecond differential may not be that much of a factor to small customers.

In the end, the great debate still is a great debate and just falls within a person’s preference and biases.

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