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Google Search Chrome Yahoo Internet – Completely

Google pretty much runs the search landscape when it comes to the internet, and there is really no getting around that fact. When most of us begin our time on the internet every day we usually have something that we need to “Google”, and the fact is that we really don’t consider any other search engines. As long as I have been on the internet, and it has been quite a while, Google has returned consistent results since day one, leaving little reason for me to even attempt to use the competition. Google also has a host of other unique services that it offers free of charge including Docs, which is an online office platform, Google News, Blogger, Gmail, and many other unique services that other websites such as Yahoo can’t compete with.

Google also boasts a very clean interface, if not a basic interface. When Google first started it was just a search engine, and that was all. The logo and search box made it easy for people to find what they needed to find and leave, while a site such as Yahoo is a portal, and sites like Bing or Ask are just too flashy for most people, whereas Google is clean and plain white. In my opinion the other search engines don’t return as great results, and I always end up just using Google again. So, yes Google does own a monopoly on the search engine market, but it is mostly because the competition just hasn’t come out with any original ideas. Google on the other hand, is always coming up with new creative projects, such as the Chrome Browser, Chrome OS, the Android platform, and the list just goes on.

For Google to ever lose the Monopoly would take such a breakthrough by another company, and that just isn’t very possible, especially with all of the fortunes that Google has amassed over the years. There really isn’t anything wrong with Google having a monopoly in my opinion, because Google just offers a superior product. And when you offer a superior product then you automatically win over consumers, it is basic business knowledge. Google has been outsmarting the other guys for more then a decade, and I don’t think that it is going to stop anytime soon.

So yes Google does have a monopoly to some extent, but it is because of a simply better product range, and this is how Google manages to impact the lives of millions of internet users every day.

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