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Google Instant Previews comes to Ios and Android

Here is a situation that we all can relate to. Your out and about and need to get information from the web regarding a place your looking to go to. However your only option is to search from your smartphone. You enter your search terms and get four listings back, but your not sure which one will give you what you want. Wouldn’t it be great if a company made a product that gave you a mini-view of the site before you clicked it? Well, Google Instant previews does just that and it has just come to both iOS and Android phones.

With Google Instant Previews, some of the hassle of trying to find the right site for you is taken out of the way. Users of both iOS and Android phones will have no problem with maneuvering around this new feature. To use it, all the consumer has to is enter their search terms in Google. When the results are displayed, the user will then be able to select the magnifying glass that is to the right of each search result. Clicking that will activate Google Instant Previews.

Once that is done, users will then be generated a preview screen of the sites in the search result. This can be of great use to a cell phone user who is not exactly blessed with huge bandwidth to use on their mobile device. They can take a quick look at what the page has to offer, see if it meets with their needs, and make a selection from there. Once the user decides which page they want, they simply tap that and it will open up that link for them.

Another helpful feature is that it’s not just in English. Google Instant Previews is supported in 28 different languages, making the option helpful for just about everyone that has purchased either the iOS or Android devices. Many will realize when using this new feature that it has been available on your PC version of Google for sometime now. The other thing that users need to remember is that even though it is available for both iOS and Android devices, it is not for every one of these. Your device needs to be at level Android 2.2 or iOS 4, or the feature will not work.

Do you have to be concerned with the dreaded viruses or malicious code written into webpages these days that you get when you just visit them? Nope, this not an issue for the Google Instant Previews because the image your seeing is being hosted by Google, so the risk would be on their end.

Finally there is one feature that only the mobile version has. Users can swipe back and forth between the top 10 search results. It is a grandiose system of multitasking, if you will; allowing the user to swipe to the right or left to view previews of other websites that came up in the search, while still having the first thing you picked up on the other side.

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