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Funny Gadgets Weird Unusual Gift Ideas

Foolishgadgets.com focuses on funny useless gadgets that are pretty darn cool. As far as I can tell, the website doesn’t actually sell any of the items. But it does tell you where to buy them and for how much.

The first page of the site changes somewhat daily as they gradually add more items. Some days there are gadgets on the home page cooler than others. Or if you want to search down the right side there is a list of available categories. One thing I saw on the site were these straws that look like the trunk of a palm tree. You set the trunk into an ice tray, fill the leaf section with water, freeze, and then serve them with a drink. You can make four at a time, so if you’re having a little get together everyone will be amazed at your palm tree ice straws. Guests will never see it coming.

Another weird useless gadget are the USB lamps. They are monkeys with crazy metal arms and legs that come in blue or pink. They are for geeks or those who love monkeys. They are also battery operated. Next we have a butane torch lighter. That seems ordinary enough, but it has a special feature on the front. It has a roulette wheel. According to the description it shines brightly and makes annoying spinning sounds just like a real roulette wheel. Surprisingly it doesn’t look tacky, it looks unique and interesting. Plus, if you like going to the casino all the other players will be turning their heads.

My favorite so far is the gag toilet paper. This is described on the site as “visually torturous”. It is toilet paper that has printed barbed wire on it. I can’t imagine using it because it looks like it could be painful, even though it’s completely fake. It would just be hilarious to keep that in the bathroom that guests use. Only because they would come out of there wondering why that was in there. Awesome.

Another favorite of mine are these birthday and party candles. They are called Blokz and they look like colorful Legos with the candle wick sticking out the top. They are great for kids or people who love building with Legos. I think I want some just because they look so realistic. It looks like they come in a pack of six in a rainbow variety of colors.

The next gadget is for those that hate their job or excel at being a clown at work. It is called the “Vomit Station”. It is a little office supply holder that looks like a little man hurling in the tidy bowl. You can keep memos or work cards in his crack, you can hang paper clips from his magnetic mouth, and store little pens and note paper in the toilet tank area. This is a desk topper if you want to get different reactions from your coworkers or boss. Good luck pal.

Lastly, if you’re a dog owner and enjoy taking cute pictures of your best friend in funny poses then you might enjoy the Humunga dog toy. It is a giant rubber toy shaped like a tongue with a ball on the end. When your dog puts the ball in their mouth it makes them look like they have a really big cartoon like tongue. Perfect for a cute picture or fun for both you and your dog to play with.

So, if you’re looking for some wild, crazy, kooky, cool, or just plain fun gadgets and ideas, then visit Foolishgadgets.com.

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