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Free Music Download Legal Iphone App Review Ipad Ipod Touch Free Songs Artists Itunes

Free Music Download is an app designed to help users download their favourite songs for free using legal download sites. The application allows users to find, download and play their favourite tracks for free. The app was created for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch by Zentertain Ltd and it is currently free to download.

Free Music Download is a free web browser with a download manager and media player attached to it. The music content itself is not part of the application, nor is it contained directly on it. The app provides a list of links to websites which provide free music, which users can visit using the provided web browser. Users then download the songs to their iPhone’s memory and play using the media player.

The app requires Internet access to download the tracks, but once downloaded they can be played offline. The websites provided are as follows:

Jamendo.com – a site with more than three hundred thousand tracks.
ArtistServer.com – a site with nine thousand songs
Live Music Archive – a site which has a large collection of live recordings
Archive.org – a site with lots of out of copyright music.
Last.Fm – a popular site with many artists posting songs.

The app really acts as a directory for free legal downloads of music, rather than anything else. The application only shows the user how to and doesn’t get involved with any of the hosting or legal issues. This also limits the usefulness of the application because the websites are only as good as the companies that run them, and as that is not the app provider, they have no control over this.

From the moment the user loads up the app, they instantly get the feeling that this offer of free legal downloads is not quite as good as it seems. The application does not have a great level of finish to it, and as previously stated, it is basically just a web browser with a list of sites. Trying to get the music itself is not easy either and can take a lot of effort to get the product to actually work.

Overall Free Music Download is not a great app, or at least it is not one yet. The idea is great, but the reality is not quite there yet. The idea of having an application that provides free legal music has become a very clever way to get massive amounts of downloads for an app which is basically just a simple web browser with a media player.

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