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Need backlinks to your website? Backlinkin.com has automated free backlinks instantly for your website. Adding natural incoming links without having to reciprocate provides a major boost to your site’s Google PageRank and search engine rankings.

What are “backlinks”?

Backlinks are links that are directed towards your website.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) circles, we talk a lot about this thing called backlinks. And if you’re new to the world of Internet Marketing (IM) or have just launched their first website, you may not understand exactly what they are or even how important it is if you’re looking too high for the domain with Google .

In short, a backlink is a hyperlink (a link that can be clicked on) at a site elsewhere on the web that links to your website.

Unlike Bing and Yahoo, which are determined by factors in place (although together they hold less than 25% of the market for search engines), Google uses backlinks (other sites) to find out if your new Web site, for example, Siamese fighting fish, should rank high on search results or not.

Google takes into account the so-called anchor text in the link (the word or phrase that is linked) and the authority of the site that the link is coming to determine how high or humble your site should rank. And when it comes to Google organic results of search engines, backlinks are more or less all you have to influence the success of your site ranking.

His next question, then, how I can get these backlinks for my new Siamese fighting fish site? Back in the prehistoric age of the Internet, be directed to other webmasters and politely ask for a link on its website and in return would offer one in your site to theirs.

Today, it is impractical for several reasons. First, Google hates what he calls reciprocal links on sites that link together so that the links will have virtually no value. Secondly, you must now link to get traction volume on Google and most sites on page one of Google usually have a strong volume of links (think of the hundreds of thousands) if the keyword or search term is a value for classification.

There are some other factors to consider such as whether the links are dofollow or nofollow, PageRank of the page where the backlink comes from having backlinks and a wide variety of sites. Unlike many SEO tips, I’ve never found the relevance of the topics of a site backlink to my site a factor at all in obtaining energy that binds linkbuilding but consistency is extremely important.

Backlinks included Twitter, WordPress, Tumblr, Brightkite, Identi.ca, Jaiku, FriendFeed, Bebo, hi5, Plurk, Xanga, Koornk, Diigo, Streetmavens, Multiply, myYearbook, Vox, YouAre, TypePad, Posterous, ShoutEm, Yammer, and PresentlyApp.


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