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Foursquare Checkins get Customers Gas Discounts

Have you been to the gas pump lately? For many in these economically challenged times it is hard to try and keep your head above water. Unemployment is still at unheard of levels, prices are soaring through the roof, and foreclosures on where we live seem to be rising at a time where one would hope there might be a little understanding. It has sent the masses scurrying to save money anyway they can, from clipping coupons to taking advantage of sales and discount retailers. Well now Foursquare is trying to help at a spot where prices have been really crazy, that being at the local gas station!

Now this sounds like an idea that we all can wrap our arms around. Gas prices have been absolutely ludicrous for the past six months at least and would be seemingly threatening the great American tradition of the family summer vacation this year because who can afford to take trips with the soaring prices. Well this new deal, via the good people at Foursquare offers you a two dollars back deal on a fill up of at least a 20 dollar purchase of gas. Those going to the pump know that in today’s market, that is only about five gallons, but every bit helps.

Before rushing out to the car though and speed off towards that local Sunoco, Shell, or BP station, this foursquare checkin deal is only good through one distributor of gas and it is not one of the big name guys. Murphy USA is the group offering this sweet deal and you will find their stations (they have about 1000 of them according to a Mashable piece) in some Wal-Mart or Sam’s Club parking lot fill up spots. Everyone has at least one or two of these places in their area, so it is at least worth plugging into Google and see if one is near you.

If you want an even quicker way to track down these locations, well Murphy’s has even got an iPhone app for helping folks track down a convenient location close to them. What better way to get ahead of your competition than to try and outmaneuver them via social networking. Murphy thinks so and has gone as far to have a Facebook and Twitter page to use to get their message out to their customers.

As with everything in life though, you can’t please all of the people and there are some complaints being registered by the people who cannot afford and iPhone to use apps like Foursquare. These people feel as though they have been loyal customers for the company, but instead of rewarding them for their patronage, the company is more concerned with reaching out to new customers. It will be interesting to see if any change is made to the policy in the near future.

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