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Football Kicks Iphone App Review Free Game Soccer Ronaldo Beckham Freekick Ipad Ipod Touch Itunes

Football Kicks is a football based sports game in which players must take and score free-kicks. Rather than simulating the taking of free-kicks during a match, Football Kicks replicates the training ground environment by valuing accuracy above all other factors. Players can score a goal and still lose on this game. It was released for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch on the 19th of February 2011 by Distinctive Developments Ltd. It is currently free to download; however there are in app purchases.

In Football Kicks, players are put to work practicing the accuracy of their free-kicks. There are three modes for the player to attempt: beat the clock, beat the wall and sudden death. Each mode requires the player to hit targets which appear in the goal: each target is worth a different value depending on the difficulty of hitting it. Targets with higher value are also smaller in size. There are also special targets in certain modes which give extra time or an extra attempt.

The player controls the shot by intuitively using the iPhone’s touch screen. Players must flick the ball towards goal by running their finger in the required direction. The power of the shot and therefore the height of the shot are controlled by the speed at which the player moves their finger. Players can curl the ball by bending the line as they draw it. This is a hard skill to master and takes a lot of effort.

Beat the clock mode gives the player 60 seconds to score as many points as possible by hitting the targets. If the player misses the target, they must take the shot again, which wastes precious seconds. The later shots naturally have the higher points available so players should attempt to reach these quickly. There is also a special clock target which adds 25 seconds to the clock.

Beat the wall mode is where players have to curl their shots around the defensive wall and hit a target. This mode can be frustrating as players can score a goal but miss a target. The player has five attempts and each time they miss a target or hit the wall, one of their lives are used up.

Sudden death mode is simply a survival contest. Players only have one chance to hit each target or the game is over. This mode is incredibly difficult to do well in and is best left for players that have mastered the technique of shooting.

There is an in game currency which players can earn or buy to customise their character, including changing the sex of their player, and purchase more pitches to play on. Coins are earned as the player plays, but quite slowly so the option is there for players to spend a small amount of money to gain quick access to the features they require. None of these features are crucial to the enjoyment of the game.

The graphics on Football Kicks are excellent; the game is full 3D and looks really good for a iPhone game. The free-kick genre has change from its cartoony past and the graphics on this game really set it apart from games like Freekick Master. The way the camera angle changes with each shot moves this game above other realistic free-kick games such as Addicta Kicks. The sound effects add to the atmosphere well too. The game play is great and the controls work very well.

The only feature that lets this game down is that there is no goalkeeper to beat. The introduction of a goalkeeper mode would turn this good app into one of the best football applications on the Market. Football Kicks constantly gets compared to Flick Football, however similar the games might be, Football Kicks has an edge over Flick Football. The whole feel of the game is better and it is also free. If players are considering which to go for, Football Kicks should be the first choice.

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