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Find Free Books for Kindle

Free books for kindle

Finding free books for a Kindle device is as easy as typing www.amazon.com into your internet browser. In this time of economic hardship, finding cheap and free entertainment is a boon for anyone. This one is a winner.

Amazon.com lists the following collections with an explanation of how to use them. They also offer free out-of-copyright books, and limited time free promotional e-books. Amazon lists over 15,000 free books to simply download to your Kindle. Or you can read these books on a computer, IPod or other digital device. In addition to out-of-copyright works, the site also offers limited time free downloads as a promotion for top authors and their books.

The following collections all have links on Amazon.com. While Amazon offers thousands of books directly, these expand the possibilities into the millions.

Internet Archive offers over 2.5 million free books. This nonprofit organization is dedicated to providing permanent access to historical collections in digital format. Go to archive.org and search for a title or browse a collection. You will see a link on the left to allow you to download the book to your computer. Then attach the kindle using the USB cable and drag to “documents” on your kindle. Or e-mail the file using Whispernet for a small fee.

Open Library (openlibrary.org) provides over a million free titles. Search for a title with “show only ebooks” checked and click on the “Send to Kindle” link to download. You will then go to Amazon.com to choose a device for wireless delivery to your kindle. There will be a small charge for this service.

Project Gutenberg, one of the first free ebook sites, has over 30,000 free titles. Go to Gutenberg.org and search for a title or browse the bookshelves. You can then download the file to your computer and transfer it to the kindle using the USB cable.

Manybooks.net offers over 28,000 free titles to internet users. Search the site for a title or browse by genre. On the right you will see the download button for kindle. Download to your computer and transfer to kindle via the USB cable.

With all these excellent sources available from the Amazon site, it is really easy to find free reading material for your electronic device. No need to make a trip to a book store or a library.

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