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Features and about the Apple Ipad

For years, Apple has stunned users and flustered the technology world with one sensational masterpiece after another. First it was the iPod, then the iPhone, followed the iPod Touch. Will Apple once again captivate the attention of the American public with its newest device? The revolutionary 1/2 inch thick iPad with its 10-inch crystal-clear display has the potential to transform technology and enhance the entertainment world. With all the great features, it’s easy to get confused and miss some of the superb options.

The iPad design is similar to an iPhone with new and improved features and increased size. The main upgrade of iPad is its terrific 9.7 inch high resolution screen. Movies, TV shows, pictures and video podcasts are all awesome. You can even watch movies and videos in HD. Small, pocket-size iPod displays are convenient, but watching movies on a tiny screen can be extremely frustrating.

Apple’s iPad home page gives the #1 reason feature, “All of the built in apps on the iPad were designed from the ground up to take advantage of the large Multi-Touch screen and advanced capabilities of iPad. And they work in any orientation. So you can do things with these apps that you can’t do on any other device.”

Other tablets on the market have great features too, but the top-notch apps built for the iPad set this device apart. It can also run most of the 150,000+ apps that work on the iPhone, giving users additional options.

Also, if you’re used to viewing movies, TV shows and photos on an iPod, iPod Touch or iPhone, the crystal-clear screen on your iPad will knock your socks off. It’s not just a spotless, high-definition display. The iPad’s 9.7 inch screen is a major viewing upgrade over any iPod.

Do you like the sensitive touch screen of the Apple iPod Touch? If so, you’ll be well prepared for the iPad. There are two main distinctions between the iPad and the iPod Touch. First, the iPad’s 10 inch screen is substantially bigger than its miniature counterpart. Second, there is no up or down, no right or wrong way to hold it. Whichever way you hold the device, the screen flips to fit your orientation.

Another great upside to the iPad is great access to YouTube with the top-notch app. It’s easy to find videos and fun to watch them on the iPad’s crystal-clear screen. Download the app in the App Store.

The iPad is a hot device on the tech market right now, and it gives users a boatload of cool features. If you do have the money and desire, you can enjoy the convenience of HD TV, portable movies and entertainment on the large screen of the iPad when it hits shelves on April 3.

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