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Facebook Unveils Redesigned News Feed Filtering Options

If there is one given having to do with Facebook, it is that they will always try to improve on their product. Whether it’s increasing security settings or adding a new gaming feature, they always seem to be in the forefront of the social networking world. Presently, Facebook is trying to make improvements in the area of the news feed and more specifically, the filtering options that you have while in that section of your profile.

There are so many things to enjoy about Facebook, but there are certainly areas that the user population would change if they could. Perhaps top on the list would be the news feed option. There are users that thoroughly enjoy seeing everything and anything their friends have to post on the wall, but there is another side to that. Many friends might like getting updates about your vacation pics or holiday plans, but don’t want any part of your Farmville exploits. However, before these latest changes they could do little to stop it, as they only had the choice of seeing Most Recent or Top News as choices.

Well that has changed now, that is if you’re lucky enough to be one of the users these changes have been rolled out to. This “test” if you will is not a blanket rollout as of yet, so not everyone is getting a chance to try it yet. Those that have it though are presented with a whole list of different options, which presents itself as a drop down menu when you go to the Most Recent list. Under there, you can now choose what you want to see. Maybe your a social gamer and want to see just those updates. Click the drop down and select games and it will filter and show you only game updates.

The same options can be found also for other categories such as links, photos, pages or even status updates. The great thing about it is that you now control what it is you view. The options do not stop there though. Perhaps you have a certain circle of friends that you are close with on Facebook, or perhaps several different groups you are neighbors with in a specific game. Now you have the option in this same area to create groups then choose to simply see updates from a particular group. This makes it easier to find wanted updates quickly, as opposed to having to sift through a much larger mess.

Lastly, the new News Feed setup gives you access to the Live Feed area where you can take even more control of what it is you see. Found under the Edit Options tab, you can decide to show more of certain friends updates by adding them to the Show More list. By the same token, maybe you have some friends that are constantly posting every aspect of their lives and it is driving you crazy. Well there is a hide box as well where you can add friends to and end up seeing none of their updates (you can go back and change back if you alter desire to). Finally you can also control the number of people in your news feed. You can set it to 5000 and see almost everyone on your friends list or set it to a lower number like 20 and only see that amount of updates at any given point.

Regardless of which options you choose, it is great to know that you can finally have more of a say over the part of your profile that you spend most of your time looking at.

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