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Facebook to Launch third Party Commenting Platform

Facebook has another big surprise coming in their quest for world and web domination. Facebook has a platform in the works that will integrate commenting on third part sites and also have high functionality within Facebook itself.

Third part comment platforms have been around for a while. One of the biggest of these is Disqus. The idea behind these platforms is simple to allow a common commenting threat platform that can be used by many separate third party blog and websites. These third party platforms make it so that information is saved for the users and handled by the blogging platform.

Facebook, since it already has access to an incredible database of users may be ready to “steal the thunder” of a lot of these third part sites. Why would anyone not singed up for a site like “Disqus” bother to sign up. Chances are they already have a Facebook account and it is a simple and easy matter to sign in. Both Twitter and Facebook accounts will be authorized for the new commenting platforms.

This new commenting platform for Facebook is already in the works and should be active in the near future. It is supposed to be based on the best of the functionality of the current comment sites and should be able to do everything they can do plus a whole lot more because of their ability to (depending on the 3rd part publisher) have the ability to freely repost the comment streams on Facebook itself. Comments for this new system are to be threaded and will have a voting (Like?) aspect.

According to a Facebook spokesperson quoted in an ibtimes this new platform for Facebook will be, ““Based on feedback from developers about ways to improve our existing comments plugin, we’re testing an updated plug-in that leverages authenticity and social relevancy to increase distribution. We’re testing the plugin on our Facebook Blog and Developer Blog but have no further details to share at this time,” This is confirmation of the existence of the program, but makes it seems as if it is as also an outgrowth of a previous program.

Regardless this added functionality should give FaceBook an instant and powerful position in the market of “Third Party Commenting” applications. Facebook is currently working towards having 1 Billion users. If even only a small fraction of this enormous group decides to use Facebook’s new and/or improved commenting thread, then it will still position them at the top of the pile for third party commenting applications.

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