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If facebook was a nation, it would be the 3rd largest nation in the world with 400 million daily users and intensifying. The like button is increasing in popularity everyday! Many business men and women would kill to get an advertisement on Facebook. If you though that facebook was just a social network site you are mistaken. Many businesses do advertising online; it’s simple, cheap, and does the job. Since Facebook has so much traffic its an ideal place to advertise. At Facebook’s home page you can see all your chats, comments, and ads are posted on the side. You can click on the ad and it will bring you to their site, you can “like” it, or send it to a friend. You can almost “like” everything! Facebook has since progressed its advertising to the “Like” button on other websites!

The “Like” button originated in the site where people could show they liked a status, picture, comment ext. Facebook is now offering a set of widgets — or called Social Plug-ins — that you can put into any web page to make the page more ‘Facebooky’. It’s free and is all you have to do is copy a code and paste it into your website summary. It shows up the same way on the site as in Facebook, you would just see a small like button and it says “connect with Facebook”, that’s when a familiar pop up, pops up and asks for you email and password. After you enter your information your facebook page and the website are linked!

Whats the Point? To you your, just showing your friends its cool, and you want them to check it out. But to businesses its FREE advertising! Advertising is something that costs a lot of money and when they are offered for 400 million people to see their product or website everyday and ts free! They are pretty much flipping head over heels! You’d be When someone likes a site it automatically is posted on their ‘wall’ were all their friends can see. Even if the friends not like the page they will see its there anyways. Social networking is the key to advertising today, and in the future.

You can even make yourself money doing this! All you have to do is go to Google and type in paid websites commission and you like the page. Whoever gets the website’s name from you and buys something, you make a commission off it!

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