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Empire State Building on Twitter and Facebook

It’s not likely to be going anywhere, but fans of Twitter might still like the idea of following the Empire State Building – and now they can.

The iconic building has now set up its very own Twitter and Facebook pages for followers to share photos and experiences of their favourite landmark.

The Twitter page features a rather impressive image of the illuminated tower and has been set up by the Empire State Building Company under the name ESBOservatory (http://twitter.com/ESBObservatory)

s include details of celebrity visits, information on the history of the building and real time news of events taking place.

The Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/esbobservatory) offers more interactive content. Visitors to the site can view a series of official photos as well as a number of pictures submitted by tourists at the iconic structure. There’s enough material here to appeal to casual visitors and die-hard fans, including pictures of the buildings secret 103rd floor.

Highlights include photographs of Clifford The Red Dog’s recent visit. Ethan Hawke looks rather more cool and collected on the observation deck. Ladies might enjoy the photos of Cosmopolitan Magazine’s hottest bachelors in America (although arguably, the detail is lost in the crowd shot). It’s also pretty cool to see various shots of the tower illuminated in a series of different colours and now New Yorkers can see what those different colours meant.

The visitors’ photos are rather less inspiring so far (and surprisingly short of numbers). A nicer touch is to read some of the messages on the Wall, with visitors from around the world explaining why the Empire State Building holds a special meaning for them. The Facebook page has only been live since August, so content is currently a little sparse, but should grow and develop over the years and months.

The Empire State Building will also soon be celebrating its 80th anniversary and both the Twitter account and Facebook pages will feature updates in the countdown to the anniversary. It’s a great way to bring the landmark to the masses and an innovative use of social media to help celebrate and share experiences with others. It’s not unusual to find famous buildings and landmarks on Twitter, but most of these accounts are set up by travellers or enthusiasts and lack the official backing of the ESB pages. Others may be official but seem sorely neglected – the World Trade Center page, for example, is embarrassingly sparse.



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