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Disadvantages of Computer Towers

For years now, the classic image of a computer has been two parts: the monitor, which displays the graphical user interface, and the tower, which houses all the components that allow your computer to work. However, the bulky towers are slowly becoming obsolete, due to the numerous disadvantages they present to the user.

If you were to open up a computer tower with a screwdriver, you would most likely be amazed that around half of the tower is empty space. The Motherboard, CPU, power supply, cables and various drives only take up about half of the space provided to you buy your computer. This is of course assuming that you are not a power user who needs the extra space to install more components to increase your machine’s performance power. These bulky towers that take up so much of your space are annoying in that you must place your computer where you can fit a tower. You may have a desk and chair that are the most advanced in terms of ergonomics, but without adequate space for a tower, you won’t be able to use your computer there. Why should you have to pay good money for something that is mostly empty space and restricts your computing location to a spot that may be quite inconvenient.

Computer Towers also provide another place for things to go wrong. The more parts your system has, the more difficult it is to troubleshoot a problem. Towers have lots of cables that might come unplugged, causing potential problems. Many these cables are easily damaged, which could lead to you incurring more expenses to your computer budget. While towers used to be a necessity, they now provide more disadvantages than benefits.

There is, however, a solution. The standard iMac offered by Apple provides all the powerful performance of other leading desktops, without having to be attached to a cumbersome tower. All the components are hardwired into the monitor, and it still is only about an inch and a half thick. This allows for you to place your computer in whatever location is convenient. If you like to avail yourself of Helium’s recipe section, feel free to put your iMac in the kitchen so you can quickly follow instructions. If you enjoy working until the very moment until you go to bed, you can place an iMac in your bedroom without any trouble. In short, tower-haters rejoice, for there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel of bulky and troublesome computer towers.

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