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Digital Photoframe or Kodak Easyshare P725

Kodak easyshare P725

The main problem I have with digital pictures is that they are all on my computer or stored away somewhere on one of the many USB sticks. I hardly print my pictures like the old fashion photo’s while I love the idea of a normal photo album. But I also love a photo frame showing the pictures I like and taking me back into time with good memories. Of course it’s easy enough to print a photo and buy a photo frame but why limit yourself to only showing that one photo? That last sentence sounded very cheesy but my parents thought the same thing and bought one and I was quiet impressed by the idea so I bought one myself.

I bought the Kodak easyshare P725 mostly due the brand but also the price. My parents bought a more expensive one but thought this one for around 40 pounds was expensive enough. Kodak is an known and respected brand in the photo branch and thought I couldn’t really go wrong. Also I read a few positive reviews before I bought it. The Kodak easyshare P725 looks really good and looks quiet stylish with it’s black frame. It almost looks like a normal photo frame. It comes with a stand at the back so that’s no problem. Further on you get a power cord and a quick start guide which is quiet handy to use.

The resolution of the photo frame is 800×600 (7inch screen) which makes the pictures look very good and sharp. I was impressed with the colours as they looked very bright but also very rich. The Kodak easyshare P725 has a internal memory which means you can add up to a 100 pictures. Kodak states you can store up 4000+ pictures but one picture with my camera is like 6mb so don’t think that will work.

You can adjust the way the pictures are showed with the photo frame. You can either choose for a slide show or just simply choose to show one picture. If you decide to go for a slideshow then you can choose how long one picture will show. You can choose between 5, 10 or 60 seconds. I prefer the slideshow as it just has more variation and the last photo’s I put on was of a holiday and it’s quiet fun to see all the pictures again. The problem I do have, and it might sound stupid, but it’s distracting when you have people over. I notice a lot that people often glance away to the photo frame while your are still talking, to see the new picture! Very annoying.

The Kodak easyshare P725 is very easy to use and you can just click your memory card into the back so you can even store more pictures. You can also use a USB stick. It all works very easy and I had mine set up within minutes. What I really like is that it’s not powered by batteries so I never have to worry that it runs out. The only thing is that I often forget to turn it off at night. Overall a really good photo frame to show your pictures!

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