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Daily News Print vs Electronic which is better and why – Print

The choice between the two mediums is a difficult one, both have their advantages and disadvantages but I do prefer print to electronic. This goes not only for daily news but other forms of reading as well; although we have such wonderful deceives now such as the Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle at our disposal it really isn’t the same as the real thing. My reasoning for opting for print over electronic are as follows:

1) Although the internet is a valuable tool for most of us on a daily basis it does have the weak point of having an excess of information to feed us. When you want to read up about the latest world affairs or check up on the weekends sports results and reviews it can be overwhelming to know where to start and the number of conflicting views can be frustrating and confusing. This is where the benefit of a printed newspaper comes into its own; you will buy the same paper because you like the writing style and the consistency it gives you. There will be no conflict and thus no confusion.

2) Unlike the internet there are not as many options when it comes to daily newspapers, which is a good thing. There are your tabloid newspapers which mainly focus around celebrity’s lives, popular TV shows shocking news and so on. Then you have your more serious newspapers which deal with the ‘real’ news. Each paper has a different style so regardless of your personal views of ideals there is likely to be a newspaper written in a style suitable to your tastes.

3) The most important reason for me, and probably many others who still prefer to purchase their daily newspaper. Its real, it’s a physical thing you can hold and get involved with. It has texture and smell, something which an iPad or eReader cannot give you. You can have a quick flick through during your lunch break and then when you get home after a long day and settle down in your favourite chair your and flip it open and relax. Unlike electronic versions you will never have to worry about a battery giving up the ghost or screen glare. Yes there is the environmental issue of newspapers, but that’s why we recycle isn’t it?

Whether it is the daily news or my favourite book I think I am always going to be a sucker for the printed version, it has charm and presence that you can lose yourself in which gadgets just cannot supply.

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