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Creating a Viral Marketing Hit

In this modern Internet age, it is almost ludicrous how quickly memes and viral hits expand. Once an idea is out there, it spreads quicker than wildfire. Obtaining a viral hit is an extremely useful and powerful marketing tool.

So how does a company or campaign create one? It’s certainly not something that can be forced, this approach will only stagnate the idea and reveal itself as contrived. A true viral hit is one that is simple and resonates with it’s audience. Certainly, one the idea has gone global, been shared and enjoyed, it can develop and evolve to have new layers, jokes and presentations.

A viral hit must be simple, it must be something current, it must be new and it must be an idea that everyone can relate to. A have or have not idea simply will not hook. If it’s humorous, simplicity applies again as well not being offensive. That doesn’t mean an idea can’t playfully pull on stereotypes, it just has to be one that is not exclusive.

Once you have your idea, test it, send it to friends, family, get research groups to rate it, run it past other creatives. This will help to get great feedback and could also be a head start to getting exposure.

Now you have your idea, it’s good, it’s simple, it works. Well, what now? How to make it hook? The primary way to get it circulating is to get your audience. Have it on the product or service’s website, have a Facebook page, have a Twitter feed, tap into the major social media and people will share it for you. If your idea is catching, this will happen quickly. Drawing people into places where it takes minimal effort to share your marketing is the fastest way to get it moving. If people have to go through too many pages or do too much to spread it, this will hamper it greatly. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and so on are the greatest tools.

An advert campaign on your target audience’s website will help but again only if they can get to share it quickly and easily. If it’s a video, you will need the major video networks such as Youtube and Vimeo.

A solid, simple idea is always the strongest, you can work extremely hard to get the idea right, but it must gain exposure and quickly. It usually grabs people a lot more too if it is extremely clever, visual or funny. Look carefully at the greatest campaigns, analyse their success but be original and your campaign will not only go global but it will last as well.

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