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Craigslist Review

Craigslist is something truly unique and special on the Internet today. In one place you can do anything from find a band mate, to buy a home. What makes Craigslist special though? What draws people from far and wide to it and once they get there, what turns people into avid users and defenders of the website?

The genius of Craigslist is in its simplicity. Anyone, literally anyone can easily use the site and gain from it. When you first arrive at the website as a new user having never before seen it, you are faced with a simple choice. Choose your state and the nearest city to you. After literally two clicks of your mouse you are off and running.

Once you make your state and city choice, you are faced with an abundance of links to choose from. The beauty of it though, is that they are all plain text links, in a very logical order. You need only to scan the web page for a second before you find what your looking for. Whether you want to buy a car, look for gainful employment, or even find a date for Friday night. The amazing thing about Craigslist is that it appeals to the Internet savvy, as well as the new comer.

The second greatest thing about Craigslist, is that it is free. As in free beer. You in can place any number of ads, in any categories you please. There are a few simple rules that amount to do not commit fraud, and your off and running. You can place ads by either joining the site as a member, or just passing through. With your ads, you can even place pictures to help in selling or attracting people to your ad. Staying with simplicity, if you want to join the community, it only takes a few quick seconds. Gone are the long forms to fill out to be able to join and use the site. This is a very refreshing change from most of the Internet.

The site is completely moderated by its users giving each member a feeling that its “ours” for lack of a better term. Members actively look for scams and are quick to report them in order to clean up their cyber environment.

The simplest way to put it would be that Craigslist is like an on line commune. Everyone has a say. Everyone has a voice. Everyone benefits from the site, and everyone can contribute to it. Its almost Utopian. Its hard to imagine these days that something this simple and pure can exist on the Internet, but you need only to visit once to be hooked on its simplicity and honesty. I highly recommend at least a visit. You wont be sorry.

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