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Comparing Windows and Mac Os x

The constant war that will forever rage. It takes place online, at the electronics store, and even in your own home. What do i speak of? Why, the debate over which operating system Windows by Microsoft or Mac OS X (Operating System 10) by Apple. Each side has its strengths, as well as its faults. But to the average consumer, the decision between operating system can be very confusing. The truth, is that it isn’t. As long as the buyer does good research, and knows what he needs, and along what price range, they can easily choose an operating system that’s right for them.

The chief operating system used on PC’s is Microsoft Windows, of which there are many versions, each an improvement upon its predecessor. Windows is not as expensive as Mac OS X, but neither is it as easy to use, or as finished as OS X. Windows is more widely used, and is more universal for business. Windows is also the system on which most computer games are released, so if you are into gaming, Windows is for you. Windows can be good for the home, or the office, but offers no special software other than Microsoft Office, which is also available on a Mac. Also, Windows often seems to be behind Mac, and though some deny it, every new Windows version that comes out, tends to be more and more similar to the Mac Operating Systems. Windows also has its disadvantages; it is very buggy, with constant errors, and seems to have an annoying habit of freezing and cracking.. Also, thousands of malicious viruses and Trojan Horses exist for Windows computers. These viruses may hide in an e-mail, a website, or a reliable looking download. Windows is also more complicated to customize, and to learn and handle, since sometimes the way things are set up, they make no sense.

Apple boasts its operating system Mac OS X. This system, is more artistic in a way, and though it can be used for work, is more suited for the home environment. Macintoshes have fun, well constructed softwares, exclusive only to them, such as iPhoto, Photo Booth, and Garage Band. Mac OS X basically contains every thing Windows has, and then more. It is easy to learn, as it has a simple, yet effective user interface, and good programming. Macs don’t have bugs, and though some viruses exist for them, macs are generally immune to viruses and trojan horses, though like with any computer, safe surfing and an antivirus program are still recommended. Macs make finding files quick and easy, and also multitasking a snap. It has many different settings, and advantages such as widgets and expose. Widgets are small collection of mini applications, which come over your desktop when prompted by their icon, or the function key, like a calculator or the weekly weather. Expose is when by moving a mouse to specified corner of ones screen, a certain command is executed, such as hiding all windows and showing the desktop, or showing all of your open windows across your screen, to choose one, instead of minimizing and clicking, like on on Windows. But Macs, like Windows also have their flaws. First of all, Macs are not gaming computers. A few games exist for Macs, but no major titles besides perhaps the Sims. Also, since Macs are not as widely used as Windows, some of their applications don’t work on anything but Macs themselves. Also, third party software is more common for Windows than Macs.

For pure quality, Macs are certainly the choice. For business Windows is the preferable option. And with a tight budget, Windows too are the option. But seeing as I own and have used both, i prefer Mac OS X, simply since it has so much more potential, and can always pleasantly surprise me. Windows, for me, has been satisfactory, but can also prove slow and very frustrating. The facts as I see them have been presented, and now the buyer is left to make an educated choice through their knowledge of each system, and their own individual needs.

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