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Communication how Vdsl Works

Very-High-Bitrate Digital Subscriber Line or simply VDSL is a state of the art, new generation data transmission technology used in Internet, telephone and even cable connections. Hence, VDSL is a revolutionary way of communication that makes use of copper wires as primary transmitter of text, sound, images and other transmissible files.

VDSL technology is often used in in teleconferences and web seminars due to its effectiveness and efficiency in short-distance communication. VSDL is also used as the main platform in real-time communications and even live coverage of sports events, pay-per-view telecasts, news transmission and other important events covered in real-time.

Basically, VDSL technology is executed in the excess of the capacity of telephone wires used in standard forms of communication. The copper wires are then twisted in order to enhance its effectiveness. Needless to say, the VDSL technology operates more like the ADSL which uses two pieces of equipment; one at the main server or the provider company and the other at the personal unit of the customer.

Similarly, VDSL also uses the same two-platform technology – the transceiver and the DSL access multiplexer. This kind of technology enables effective transmission of data. Nevertheless, it should be noted that a VDSL is a sensitive technology in a way that as the reach or distance between the transceiver and DSL access multiplexer increases, the quality of the data transmitted decreases.

One of the main advantages of VDSL however, is its capacity and speed. VDSL can reach remarkable speeds up to 52 megabytes per second (MBPS) whenever downstream (referring to downloads, data travels from external sources to your computer) and 16 MBPS whenever upstream (referring to uploads, data travels from your computer to external sources.)

As noted above, the main reason why VDSL system can deliver and achieve incredible bandwidth speed is that the telephone wires used in telecommunication services require only a small fraction of the copper wire’s capabilities. Thus, leaving a huge part untapped and paving the way for a faster and more reliable transmission technology.

Similarly, the VDSL technology, given its incredible capacity can also be used in High Definition Television or HDTV. In fact, in the United States, the VDSL technology is used in an entire home theater system that includes a computer and telephone services and HDTV cable providers.

Hence, VDSL is hugely favored by computer and communications experts mainly because of its high quality and affordability.

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