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Because of the popularity of telephone and address Internet searches, thousands of websites offer their services in performing reverse cell phone number lookups. Among them are AT&T;’s AnyWho.com, Intelius.com, Whitepages.com, and Verizon.com. Another website dedicated to providing personal information to searchers is Reunion.com, though it is geared more toward using phone and address databases to connect you with people from your past. And of course, you must pay a fee to use the site’s services.

It must be stated upfront that no reverse cell phone lookup is truly free because the information is not public. In other words, if you want a more detailed report including full name and address, you must pay a fee regardless of which website you are performing the search from.

Reverse phone lookups are handy if you have received an untimely telephone call, only to be hung up on. If a phone number appears in your caller ID display, you can actually hop on the Internet and perform what is called a reverse telephone number search to discover the culprit.

Reverse phone lookups are also handy if you’re looking for the owner of a cell phone, including full location and mapping capability. However, there’s a caveat. Because cell phone records are not public information, you must pay a fee to obtain the actual name and address of the owner. You can, however, get basic information such as line type, carrier, and location.

For today’s example, we’ll use a very handy website dedicated to providing a free basic reverse cell phone search: FreeCellPhoneTracer.com.

1) Point your Web browser to www.freecellphonetracer.com.

2) In the middle of the page, click View sample report to display the Sample Tracer Report popout box. Note that this report is provided only if you select one of their paid plans.

3) In the top right hand corner of the box, click the X to close and return to the FreeCellPhoneTracer.com home page.

4) Enter a friend’s cell phone number. Note that you can also trace landline phone numbers using FreeCellPhoneTracer.com’s service.

5) Click the Search button to go to the results page. Note the location of the cell phone number on the map. Also note the other information it provides: line type, phone carrier, city, state, county, and latitude and longitude for the geographically-minded phone number researcher.

As an interesting sidenote, FreeCellPhoneTracer.com says that they do not use “big-brotherish” wireless or GPS tracking to find a cell phone’s current location; rather, they use search records originating from public databases and directories.

Reverse cell phone lookups are a handy way of obtaining basic information on the owner of a cell phone. But if you want a more detailed report including full name and address, you must pay a fee regardless of which website you are performing the search from.

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