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Cell Phones Gps Geocaching Geocache Longitude Latitude Cell Phone Features

It is truly amazing to see what new functions and capabilities cell phones have when a new model is released into the market. One of the most incredible new features added to the growing list of options you can purchase for a cell phone is one with a global positioning system otherwise known as a GPS. Buying a cell phone with this capability is definitely the way to go if your considering an upgrade or you are ready to purchase a new cell phone. Not only can you use the phone for full function as a phone, camera, calculator and the like but you can also use it as a form of entertainment for years to come any where you go. A cell phone with a GPS function is like having two toys in one. In having the GPS tracking system you can enter the world of Geocaching.

Geocaching is a world wide sport that you may not have heard of but is becoming increasingly more popular each year. In geocaching you use longitude and latitude coordinates in what can best be described as treasure hunting. In the past you would have had to purchase an actual GPS device which would range from $70 up to $1000 depending on what specific features you are interested in having on such a device. With a GPS function on your cell phone it is like getting the advantage of having an extra electronic gadget at your disposal. You can use your phone to enter the the coordinates and find these hidden treasures all over the world. In order to treasure hunt or geocache with your cell phone you will need to join a geocaching website like www.geocaching.com. Since it is free to join this website and you can geocache almost anywhere you go, the entertainment possibilities are endless. On the website you can link to coordinates to these treasures from searching the site by a zip code, a city or anywhere you would like to explore. Let’s say you would like to hike in the state park, then you would need to put in the address, zip code or name and the website will give you the longitude and latitude on where such treasures are hidden within or near the park. You can save these coordinates to your phone and look for them later. It can be a very inexpensive source of entertainment for you and your entire family. Since GPS systems are utilized world wide you can even do this type of treasure hunting while visiting a new area or while your on vacation.

Another great advantage to having the GPS option is for navigational purposes. There is nothing worse than getting lost and having to ask for directions. In some cases you get lost even more so after asking for help. With a GPS device you will never have to ask for directions again. Even if you make a wrong turn, the GPS device will automatically redirect you from where ever you are. For someone as navigationally challenged as myself, this is a lifesaver. After having GPS capabilities you will never want to be without them.

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