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Websites for Jimmy Buffet Fans

Jimmy Buffett is a man with a lot of strings to his bow. Although primarily known as a singer and songwriter, he is also an author, having had three of his books become Number 1 best sellers, and a businessman with several ventures including restaurant chains and a beer company. …

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Goggle Goggles App Review

Google Goggles is scary cool. Point a camera at something and come up with a list of relevant links. This is theory behind a brand new technology harnessing the power of visual search. The application itself is simple enough. It takes advantage of the phone’s built in camera and when …

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How to Make Money from Palmbux

Palmbux is another popular paid to click web site on internet. One serious problem related to this type of website is many of them are scam sites or tend to become like that. There are many examples for such instances where users are not paid once they have completed the …

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Online Stalking

Online stalking is something which sadly, very little action has been taken as far as dealing with the issue. Much more needs to be done in order to not only prevent it from happening in the first place, but to punish the perpetrators involved as well. Many sites give you …

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Twitter Tools and Applications

Almost as soon as the first person tweeted on Twitter a whole host of tools and applications sprung up seemingly overnight to help the user manage their account and to find out information about it. Over the last few years the number of Twitter tools and ‘apps’ has increased- but …

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