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How to use Google Translate

If you have ever been stuck with trying to translate something online it should be much less of an issue now with Google Translate. If you learn how to use Google translate it is almost as if the tower of Babel never fell. It can make an indecipherable language suddenly …

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Information you shouldn’t Share on Facebook

Facebook is rooted in the philosophy of sharing, but how much is too much? Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has always had a laid back attitude in regards to privacy. The company has always favored sharing information and has generally made their privacy controls convoluted to use and does not designed …

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Using Free Ecards or Creating your own

The computer age is great, isn’t it? It gets close to someone’s birthday, anniversary or it’s a holiday and you don’t have a card? You can just click a button these days and send an e-card.However, not only do such services cost at times (although you can find plenty of …

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How to be Safe on the Internet

Internet has revolutionized the way we live. It has brought people together from all over the world. It has broken barriers of race, color, etc and made it possible for human beings to interact with each other and to share their knowledge, irrespective of their location. Efficiency and effectiveness of …

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Best practices in affiliate marketing

You have worked extremely difficult to learn HTML, XML, CSS and WordPress in order to have a blog. Now what do you do with it? Just write simple messages to yourself and then hope that someone answers them? Remember: you are paying for space on the Internet. Your blog should …

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