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Changes to Linkedin Groups Functionality

Change is consistent and LinkedIn is no exception. There are changes that are being made for the sole purpose of making it easier for people in groups instead of simply complicated. To really notice these changes, it has to involve either being in a group or creating one. LinkedIn is …

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Protect your Wi Fi Connection

Wi-Fi is quickly becoming the de-facto way of connecting to the network, both at home and at work. The convenience of mobility and doing away with cumbersome cabling however comes at a cost. Since security over airwaves can be more easily compromised, hackers can steal your data or tunnel into …

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Websites for Freebies

Ever see products on television or in the store that catch your attention but you don’t want to spend money on that product if it isn’t worth it? Or do you just like free stuff? Well thanks to the Internet, freebies are easy to sign up for and you can …

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Wireless Security Network Protection

So many homes have Wi-Fi networks today that “wireless security” has become a household phrase. Protecting your network is important for many reasons. Drive-by hackers (or even just nosy neighbors) can easily gain access to unsecured networks and steal private data, introduce viruses, or commit crimes using your Internet connection …

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