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How to Back up your Twitter Data

Twitter is now one of the leading social media sites, with an increasing population of users sharing data and gaining followers. Whilst much of this content seems highly disposable, users are increasingly valuing the content that they receive and share on Twitter, particularly as they start to integrate with other …

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How to Create a Blog Site and Make Money Online

There are so many ways to create a website or a blog. Websites and blog sites nowadays are considered a trend. More people are taking this an opportunity to earn more online. Blog sites are used to display people’s thoughts and opinions, but now with all the tools available, you can also …

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The best way to Make your Video go Viral

A lot of people nowadays want to be popular on websites like Youtube by getting their videos to go viral. But what people don’t know is some important steps for your video go viral. The most important thing you need if you want your video to go viral is a good original idea. …

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Creating a Viral Marketing Hit

In this modern Internet age, it is almost ludicrous how quickly memes and viral hits expand. Once an idea is out there, it spreads quicker than wildfire. Obtaining a viral hit is an extremely useful and powerful marketing tool. So how does a company or campaign create one? It’s certainly not …

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Websites for Haiku Poets

For those who write haiku, there are plenty of places on the web to find information, markets, and fellow haiku poets. Some online resources for haiku poets include: • Haiku Society of America The HSA is a nonprofit group set up to “promote the writing and appreciation of haiku in …

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Freebie Sites

Who doesn’t love free stuff? In this day in age, where everything has a hefty price tag, its great to get something for nothing once in a while. On the world wide web you can find numerous sites which supply links for various freebies ranging from razors to doggy treats, …

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