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How to keep Children Safe while Online

15 Ways to Raise a Child in the Internet Age I have been an internet savvy for years. As a seasoned tech hobbyist, I have learned to get the feel of what is threatening and what is not in the information superhighway. However, when my seven-year old daughter requested to …

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Scam e Mails

A UK e-mail user is keen to highlight a series of scams which she believes may dupe people into disclosing sensitive information. The e-mails purporting to be from banks encourage recipients to enter their account and passwords details. And the woman, who does not hold any accounts with any of …

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Manage Mobile

It is definite, a phone is not just a phone anymore. A phone is part of the fastest growing segment in consumer electronics. Mobile devices are the latest and greatest must have gadget and IT departments, like it or not, have to contend with their reality. The first mobile devices …

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The Dangers of Adware

Internet advertising is not only a booming business, but also and expanding one. Companies pay big bucks to get their advertisements for their products to you, the audience. When you log on to the Internet, you become a potential customer. Sites, such as Helium, Google, and Yahoo!, among many others, …

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Stopzilla Review

Going online without protection is a big risk, but it is one that many people take every day and a lot of those then become statistics for spyware infections, malware infections, identity theft or even financial theft. Unfortunately the risks are far more than just scare-mongering, they are real and …

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