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Improving your Blog Design

Are you looking at tips for improving your blog design? An up close and personal approach may be the best way to go about it. The first hand experience of an online blog is a journey of let downs, anticipation and especially research. Improving your already hosted and purchased domain …

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Scary Prank – Funny

Claiming that online prank videos are inherently harmful because of a traumatic experience in your own past is like saying peanut butter is inherently harmful because you’re allergic to it. You’re the weird one, not the video, and not the peanut butter aficionado. Why apply your one-in-a-million personal trauma to …

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Failblog.org is one of the funniest sites to hit the web since…well, ever. Seriously, whenever I look at this site, I always crack up at the newest pictures and videos of people failing at life in ways that I didn’t even think were possible. It’s about time that a site …

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Free Bingo

Bingoport is a site that allows you to play Bingo and Slots for free. The site requires basic details to allow you to register. You need to give yourself a user name and then an e-mail address and a mobile phone number. You are given 1000 ppts (portpoints) for registering …

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Roblox Review

-ROBLOX- Roblox is a 3-D Massively Multiplayer Online Game in which players can build their own games using a combination of lego-style bulding blocks, Imported models submitted by other users, and a simplified version of “lua” programming language. although the game was originally made to appeal to kids, its really suatible for all ages. the …

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Quiet Speculation

Quiet Speculation is a new foray into the world of the economy of the Magic: The Gathering trading card game. Kelly Reid who runs the site has made numerous appearances on Evan Erwin’s The Magic Show, and is one of the top financial minds when it comes to speculating about …

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