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Ipod Touch Apps for School

The iPod touch is one of the newer iPods by Apple company hat has become the norm for students across schools in the US. Most teachers and parental influences view this iPod as a distraction and a hindrance to academic learning but they fail to see the true benefits that …

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Iphone App Reviews Beatbox

Beatboxing…. Is that a Drum Machine Or A Human Being? The Best Beatboxers will keep you guessing! One of the coolest things about music is that it can be created anywhere, anytime, for free. You don’t necessarily need instruments or the latest MIDI devices – just by snapping your fingers …

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How to Conserve your Blackberrys Internal Memory

The BlackBerry is one of the most used corporate smartphones for email, calendaring, notes, and general communication. It is also popular among personal users for the same reasons. Of course, the BlackBerry also has games, the most famous being Brickbreaker. There are also numerous applications that can be used with …

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Leap Sheep Hd Iphone App Review

Leap Sheep! HD is a great game for young children. If you are a parent or a guardian and you want to download a free iPhone app for your child, then Leap Sheep! HD is a great choice. The graphics will interest almost any young child, and the gameplay is …

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Is the HTC One the one for you?

The HTC One is one of the newest phones on the market. It is has improved upon the HTC One X in all aspects; design, speed, camera, sound, etc. It also beats out almost all phones in the market, depending on what you like. Design As always, HTC focused greatly …

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