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Canon PC 921 Copier Review

Large quantities of copies are often a must when dealing with business grade copy machines. The laser monochrome Canon Copier PC-921 can produce anywhere from one to one hundred copies in a single pass for multiples, with good speed and print quality, making it a considerable choice for the office looking for a simple, easy to use stand alone copy solution.

With a warm up time of zero seconds, when at room temperature, the Canon Copier PC-921 is ready to copy without even a moments notice, making it absolutely ideal for light usage situations where a constantly running machine is not necessary. When copy machines have to be left on to avoid long warm ups, valuable energy is used and, on machines without automatic energy saver modes, can become costly. Thanks to Canon’s patented rapid FUSION technology, along with a built in automatic shut off activated when the device is not in use, energy usage efficiency is maximized.

A high capacity, single toner cartridge also keeps total cost per page low. With Canon’s single cartridge system, there is no drum unit incorporated, and therefore only one cartridge to swap, making reloads as fast, and easy, as possible, even for a novice user.

The Canon Copier PC-921’s array of features includes reduction and enlargement ratios of 70% and 141%, which can be set to maximum or minimum zoom, or fine tuned in single percentage increments to fit images or text almost exactly to a desired size. Preset increments of 78% and 86% are also selectable for faster reduction control for less specific copy projects.

Exposure control is completely adjustable on the Canon Copier PC-921, with an automatic mode, along with a manual mode that allows the user to adjust brightness or darkness to specific demands. Not only that, but a toner saver mode can also be incorporated which reduces ink usage, and a photo mode makes the copy machine automatically more image friendly, for black and white picture reproduction.

The RAPID fusing system completely eliminates warm up time, making its time to first copy a speedy ten seconds. Additional copies are then made at 10 pages per minute for letter sized paper, and 9 pages per minute for legal sized. When using the single sheet bypass tray, copy times will change significantly due to the need for hand feeding output material, single sheets at a time. It does, however, allow for the use of non standard format sizes and thicknesses, such as envelopes and transparencies. For a stand alone unit, this implemented feature makes its uses very versatile.

Also standard to the unit is a large capacity 250 sheet document tray that holds half a ream of paper, for minimal sheet reloads, which cuts down on user down time and improves overall speed. The Canon Copier PC-921 is designed as a reasonably sized, and priced, copy machine for demand sets that require a stand alone unit, without printing or scanning capabilities, but with a medium degree of features, and power. For the home user or small office that lacks copying abilities, the PC-921 would be a welcome, affordable addition.

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