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Brother Intellifax 2920 Fax Machine Review

In 2007, the publication Better Buys for Business gave the Brother Intellifax 2920 its Editor’s Choice Award. Fast forward a couple of years later, the Intellifax 2920 is still standing relatively strong as a small office level fax machine that is affordable enough for home use. Though it shows its age with its lack of the latest technology such as better integration with your PC, it still stands as a time proven machine with plenty of easy to use capabilities.

The built in SuperG3 33.6K modem will keep faxes across the board moving smoothly and quickly, with a transmission speed up to 2 seconds per page, or 30 a minute. It can even make adjustments for better communication with slower units from its heyday by slowing down transmission speed accordingly.

The built in 16 MB of memory is key to a whole barrel load of features. First of all, the unit can store up to 600 pages digitally in its memory for those paper outage emergencies, or power outages, so your important work is protected snugly inside the machine’s memory. It is also very helpful in an office environment where multiple tasks are being demanded of it at one time. For example: in the middle of a fax your coworker could receive a phone call and, while you might be annoyed, the Intellifax 2920 is much more accommodating and will wait patiently with the data on hand until he is through. Multi tasking is an absolute must if your fax machine is intended for use by more than one person, and also a great convenience for the heavy individual user.

That annoying coworker still giving you trouble? Implemented security features allow you to throw down a password on your incoming faxes, so his wandering eyes will remain strictly on his own sub par material. Meanwhile, you wont have to worry about his constant refusal to do his share of refilling the paper tray, as the Intellifax 2920 comes equipped with a huge 250 sheet capacity tray that’s front loading and easy to use.

Brother knows better than to offer a machine that isn’t multifunctional, and they’ve included a convenient telephone handset on the face of the unit, which features call waiting and a memory of up to 220 phone numbers. Also useful are the copy capabilities of the 2920, which include a decently sized 30 page auto feed input tray, and a print speed of up to 15 pages per minute. This speed is preserved during regular printing as well, which is attainable through a USB port that allows you to hook the Intellifax directly to your computer, so you’re not just getting a fax/copier, you’re getting a fully functional laser printer! If you include the max resolution of 203×392 dots per inch, which can be lowered in quality for increased speed, and the hardware’s high monthly duty cycle, you can see that the Brother Intellifax 2920 is actually a great performer across the board, which could theoretically be picked up at a bargain rate affordable enough for everyday home use.

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