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Bowlingslime Lite Iphone App Review

After playing a handful of bowling games on the iPhone, I decided to try BowlingSlime Lite because it seemed like a different take on a classic bowling game. Another reason for downloading this app is its price. After all, it is the free version of the game.

The graphics are decent, considering that this is a free game. If I had to purchase the game, then I would think that the graphics are not worth it. There are certainly not enough details, especially once you see the pins. They just look like white balls.

In terms of gameplay, BowlingSlime Lite is a little lacking, especially in the excitement department. First of all, the player does not get to fully control from where the ball should be thrown. The ball moves from side to side, and the player has to make sure that he or she taps it at the right time. I would much rather prefer that the ball stays still and I could choose where I can throw it. Some people might say that this “feature” makes the game more difficult and extra challenging, but to me it is just annoying. I get more gutterballs than I should because of this feature.

Another problem is that the ball moves too slowly. There should be an additional feature in which the ball can speed up. For instance, there might be a “strength” bar so that the player can choose to either throw the ball lightly (and therefore the ball will move slowly) or the player can throw the ball hard (and the ball will move fast).

The bowling ball’s movements are also not very realistic. Perhaps a problem that might contribute to this is the fact that the player cannot clearly see where the “gutters” are. So, if the player accidentally throws the ball too close to the side, the player does not really know whether or not the ball will go into the gutter or not. Sometimes the ball will also hit the side of the screen and bounce back towards the pins. This doesn’t happen in real life, because the ball would go into the gutter.

Another problem, albeit small, is the fact that the app will always prompt the player to download the full version when BowlingSlime Lite is opened. Marketing is a good idea, but this is just being pushy.

With that in mind, I would not recommend BowlingSlime Lite. There are many other bowling apps that are equal or better than BowlingSlime Lite. The gameplay that they offer will probably be heaps better, too.

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