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Boost a Move Iphone App Review

The developer that created Boost the Band also created Boost a Move, another iPhone game app. Although Boost a Move is a free app, it still offers decent gameplay. I only have one complaint about it, and even that can be easily fixed.

If you have played Boost the Band before, then you will know how Boost a Move’s interface and graphics look. The graphics are very similar to Boost the Band’s graphics, and the same colors are used. Also, the quality of the graphics is the same. Boost a Move’s graphics do not make the game lag or freeze. If you are looking for 3D graphics, however, you will want to look elsewhere.

The gameplay is also similar to Boost the Band’s gameplay. In this case, however, the player has to remember the first dancer’s moves by memorizing the colors of the flashing lights as the first dancer is dancing. So, for instance, each color corresponds to a specific dance move. If the first dancer is dancing and the yellow, blue, and then yellow lights flash, then the player has to press on those lights when it is his or her turn to dance. I would recommend reading the very short instructions that pop up before the gameplay starts, because even though the gameplay is simple you may not immediately realize how to play Boost a Move.

The gameplay will get repetitive if you play Boost a Move enough times. I have played it so many times that now I feel it would only be appropriate for younger people. For instance, young children who may need to learn how to make associations and identify colors may enjoy Boost a Move. At the same time, however, I would still play Boost a Move if I have no other interesting app to play.

The only thing that I would complain about is the lack of a main menu button. For instance, if I did not get a chance to read the instructions, then I have to exit the app and then restart it in order to read them. I would like a stand-alone menu button that is located at the top of the screen during gameplay so that it is easy to get back to the title screen.

Overall, however, I would still recommend Boost a Move. Even though it was a free app, I enjoyed playing Boost a Move.

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