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Blogger Youtube Upload Android Mobile Phone Photograph Write about your Location Internet

We are living in an age where everything we want is on the internet, but some things have slipped through. I discovered this when I moved to a small village in Cornwall, UK. I searched locally on the internet for things in that location, but discovered that despite its local history, and amazing views and scenery there was little or nothing on the internet about the location. The odd redundant notice about neighbourhood watch, or information about planning from the council, but little news, and little about the location or things to do. This truly amazed me as the place I moved to had beautiful beaches, fantastic fishing, and wonderful places for a nice swim, as well as a really pleasant pub to eat and drink in. And get this, not even the pub (or public house if you prefer) had a mention on the internet, anywhere.

I personally ask now that you, as a responsible internet user help the world discover your area and start searching your village, district, or town and seeing what information is there about your location. And once you have looked, start putting your location (or locations near you) on the internet.

You might be thinking this is costly, but lots of sites like Triond, Helium, Squidoo allow you free space to write about your location. Some allow you room to add video’s, photos, uploaded files etc. Not only can you add information about your location, but you can also become your own local reporter, using things like your mobile phone to report on big local stories as they happen and then upload them to the above sites, or the likes of Youtube or Blogger. Let’s also not forget the likes of Wikipedia who would love your information to make their website even better.

Not only are you adding to the whole experience that the internet offers, but you might also find yourself a hobby. Writing online can be a wonderfully rewarding experience both from your own perspective, but also from a financial one.

The new generation of mobile phones or Smartphones allow this experience to be even more fun and even more up to date, because now you can make your uploads even more instant.

Many things in life come and go, but by helping to keep the world enlightened on your location, your also keeping the memory of you alive far beyond your lifetime.

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