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Best Websites to Download Free Software

It can be quite the investment to buy new software every year with the next upgrade or when it’s in demand. A long time mentality about free software is that they don’t offer the same amount of service and features of those that are paid for. It’s true that some free software don’t live up to their paid competition but many software packages come with the same (or more) than those that you’d find in stores.

This article will share with you the many websites you can find free software to download which can quickly replace all those paid programs and save you a bit of money along the way.

♦ 1) Download.com

Download.com is a massive website that offers thousands upon thousands of free software from around the web. One of the best reasons to use Download is the very fast download speeds – you can grab a great piece of software within minutes and have it running at no charge to you.

♦ 2) MajorGeeks

MajorGeeks is exactly how it sounds; a website aimed at geeks that want software that’s free, reviews that speak to the user base and keeps discussions into what people think of what’s offered, MajorGeeks is a great place to hunt down free software to replace those expensive products bought from office superstores.

♦ 3) CNET

CNET not only offers you a huge database of free software to download but the rest of the site is amazing due to all the indepth reviews of these same software products. Trusted and authoritative, CNET has long since been a hub of internet and tech related items; you can find many great software packages freely available, high download speeds and with user reviews for exactly what you need.

♦ 4) FileHippo

FileHippo is another website that offers you thousands of great software items absolutely for free. Try browsing through the website or take a look at the highest rated software – you’ll find everything you need on FileHippo from business programs, video editors and many others. Additionally, you also have access to demo and shareware software in case you ever wanted to test out the paid path.

♦ 5) Brothersoft

Finally, Brothersoft boasts well over 200,000 items for download. You’ll spend an eternity just looking through all what Brothersoft has to offer but if you are feeling overwhelmed than you could always check out the editor’s picks. With plenty of design flash to make it easy on your eyes, consider checking out Brothersoft if you’re looking for free software online.

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