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Best websites for expats in France

Moving to a different country can be a fantastic experience and open up a lot of new opportunities. A popular country to emigrate to is France. The culture, lifestyle, food, scenery and homes can all offer something different to what people originating from a different country are used to. However, many of the things that appeal to people about moving abroad are also the same things that they find problematic. The Internet is a wonderful resource to use in resolving any issues that you face with regards to moving abroad. Here is a list of some of the best websites for expats who are now living in France and what each of these has to offer.

The Expat Hub

This is a website for people who have emigrated to any country, but has pages dedicated to those who have emigrated to France. The best features of this site are the real expat experience articles and the forum which allows expats to communicate with each other, give tips and advice and compare different aspects of their experiences as ex-pats.

Angloinfo- the global expat network

This site is excellent for giving advice about every aspect of your move and new life. Topics of information include currency, buying a house, working, money, health care, lifestyle and transport. If people have moved to France, this website is an invaluable resource in terms of problem solving and finding information. It also features blog posts from people who have real experience of being an expat in France. Another reason that this website is useful is that it has sections covering the different regions of France meaning that expats can find information that is specific to the particular area in which they live.


This is another website that covers both informative articles, real life experiences and a forum to chat to other expats. The main areas of information that are covered on this website include, family life, education, finance, leisure, housing and health. The information and advice that is available can be extremely helpful to expats who are struggling with the different systems, legislation and cultures that come with living abroad.


This is a website that aims to develop an online community of ex-pats living in France. The website is set up as a forum and gives expats the opportunity to network with others who are in a similar situation. This website is free to join and will give members access to the support and advice of fellow expats as well as the potential to develop friendships.

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