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Best software to remove the date stamp from a photo

Taking photos is a hobby, an art and also a good way to remember events or people from our past. Having a date stamp on your pictures is very handy for remembering when things occurred, but that date stamp can also ruin your picture. Below is a list of software and guides you can use to remove the date stamp from your photos.

Photoshop (Free trial version or purchased)

A leader in the field of photo editing, Photoshop is a very powerful tool to do almost anything you dream of on a photo. You can remove the date stamp in two ways, cropping or patching.

Cropping the picture just above the date stamp, is the easiest way to do it, but not the most professional, so you might want to try patching instead. Using the patch tool on the left side, select the date area and put it on another area that looks almost the same, such as a grass, sky or water background. For in-depth instructions, watch a video tutorial. Photoshop also provides a spot healing brush tool, which will help you remove the date stamp in more color complex regions of the photo, where the detail is too complex. This same video tutorial will show also this method in detail. You can get more information about how to use these tools in Adobe’s Photoshop manual.

Gimp (Free)

Almost as powerful as Photoshop and available free of charge, Gimp is great software to use for removing the date stamp. The latest version of Gimp comes with the Resynthesizer plugin preinstalled, and with the help of the smart remove selection tool (from the Filters > Enhance toolbar), you can remove the date stamp very easily. Select the date using the selecting tool from the left-hand toolbar, then modify to adapt to the background image. This video tutorial explains in detail how this method gives you a high quality photo with the date stamp removed. You can get more help with using Gimp by following the tutorials on the official website.

Photoshop elements

Also from Adobe, Photoshop elements is “the #1 selling consumer photo editing software.” It was created to allow anyone with a basic knowledge of Photoshop do professional photo editing.

PaintShop Pro

A great software for photo editing is also PaintShop Pro. It only works with some photos, so using the trial version is not a bad idea. A recent review from TopTenReviews gives PaintShop Pro the 2013 Gold Award as the best photo editing image. This software is used mostly for images and is not as popular and easy to use as Photoshop.

These four tools are powerful and should work for everyone. Many other image processing tools claim to be able to do the trick, but none are on the level of the above mentioned programs.

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