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Best AT&T (Cingular) cell phones

Since Cingular bought AT&T; they have revived it after a brief termination, but are keeping the logo. Although it is now AT&T;, the accounts are still being serviced by Cingular.
I have been searching for a reasonably price phone for a while now, and have checked out several from Cingular.

A great phone that comes to mind that Cingular has in its inventory is the Nokia 6102 which is a flip phone (unusual for Nokia) and a nice one at that. It’s has a host of features which puts this phone as a top contender for its price range.

This camera takes print quality pictures as well as being able to record, playback and send video clips. One of a few that has a built in FM stereo radio which when plugged into a separate amplifier produces an almost component type sound.

It features twin color displays as well as voice activated dialing along with customizable voice activated phone functions, a real plus for a cell phone. You also will be able to instant message your friends as well as tell when they are online.

The voice driven menus work well, which leaves for hands free operation, which is important if using while driving. It also has picture caller ID, multiple languages, downloadable games capability, and also allows you to customize your graphics.
There are numerous other hidden features which are there that lend to the overall reasons why this phone is a great choice.

The style is nice, and the keypad feels good and responsive, and one of the features I failed to mention is that with the instant messenger built in, you can see the status of you’re friends before ringing them.

For the money, along with the AT&T;/Cingular plans, you can’t go wrong with this one.
I’m seriously considering this for my own as I’ve been looking for an all around winner in a price range that I feel comfortable with.

I think by now, we’re all familiar with the Razr line up. These phones are slick, nice to look at, and come equipped with many features similar to the Nokia and even more.
Although a little more delicate, the phone packs as many features of the Nokia, but a few more that make this one of the more popular phones on the market.

Talk time could be a little better with this phone although it depends on length of use with each call. Although it lacks the FM radio, it does play MP3, and has a built in speakerphone. This phone is especially nice for women as its appearance is sweet and delicate looking with a few nice colors as well.

The Razr v3xx stands apart from most as it sports an 8x digital zoom for its 1.3 mega pixel camera, and if you want Bluetooth wireless operation, you can use a stereo headset
for hearing streaming radio stations or for your MP3 music.

The Cingular SYNC a 707 and the Samsung D807 are two more from Cingular that are really nice units for consideration. To list all the features of those phones that stand out among the Cingular line up would make for a considerable amount of writing as there are those really pricey units that cost several times that of those I mentioned.

Perhaps in another article I can provide some detailed information on the many features the higher priced phones have that separate them from the basic feature packed lower priced units.

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