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Benefits of using a Laptop Computer

A laptop computer can be used in addition to a desktop computer, but many people will benefit most from the use of a laptop. There are numerous ways in which a laptop is a better choice, even for use in a home office or when it is only going to be used in one location. People who want to use a computer in more than one location will also benefit from buying a laptop.

Laptops take up much less space and can be used in any size of home, office or workplace. The people who benefit most from using a laptop are families, people concerned with privacy and security, people who need Internet connection on the move, and anyone who appreciates the convenience of having a more accessible, instantly available device.

Family use

Most family homes already have a desktop computer sitting in the corner of the living room, in a separate study, or located in a spare bedroom. Having at least one laptop computer, in addition to a main desktop computer, will be of great benefit to any family where there is conflict over who needs to use the family computer or to occupy the room where it is located. It would benefit some children have a laptop of their own, or for parents to keep another laptop in the master bedroom.

Laptop computers are convenient for using in any room of the house, and that they can be easily taken out into the backyard, used in a bar or a cafe, and many other places outside the home.

Personal security

Laptops have further benefits for safe online banking and other security purposes. It is more risky to use a shared desktop computer for financial transactions, and when using secure sites. There is less chance of others finding their way into an account from a laptop with a good security system, if all important transactions are restricted to a personal laptop and not carried out on a shared computer.

Business people gain great benefits from using laptop computers. A laptop can be carried around and taken on business trips. Any information stored on laptops can be shared or used by others, but only if they are registered users or when permission is granted.

Some laptops are specifically designed for use by young people, with effective safety filters and security systems pre-installed, to prevent children accidentally accessing adult material.

Internet connectivity

They have additional benefits in allowing Internet connection without the need for a telephone line. There are more options for connecting to the Internet with a laptop computer, using wireless connection, mobile broadband and other devices.

Personal preferences

Laptops are often more convenient for people who enjoy playing games, viewing DVDs and listening to music through headphones. A laptop will have benefits for anyone who shares living space with other people. It will allow them to enjoy those activities without disturbing or annoying others.

Laptops are cheaper to use, and more environmentally friendly. Generally a new laptop computer will cost more to purchase than a desktop computer package, but when a laptop is plugged into a mains socket it uses less power than a desktop computer. Laptops can benefit someone on a limited budget, or anyone who is determined to cut down on power usage.

Laptops can be customized to suit the user. A touch typist can usually type faster on a flat laptop keyboard, but there are some people who dislike using laptop keyboards, and others who prefer using a mouse to a touch pad. It is possible to purchase a conventional keyboard or a mouse designed for use with a laptop. These peripherals are simply plugged into USB sockets.

There are clear benefits for anyone who chooses to use a laptop. People who benefit most from using laptop computers are those who are short of time short of space, time, money or privacy. Personal preferences are also a big factor when choosing to buy a laptop computer.

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