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Bbc News Iphone App Review

The BBC News app for the iPhone or iPod touch is free, and it is supposed to deliver quality news at the touch of a button. I decided to download BBC News because I was looking for new apps and came across a nice list of free news apps. I tried all of the news apps, and BBC News ranks in the top 3. This is mostly because the quality of the articles is great and the interface is very user-friendly.

• Interface

On a scale of 1 to 10 when rating an app’s interface, with 10 being the best, I would give BBC News app’s interface an 8.5. The app loses some points because of some glitches during article loading, but so far I have been mostly happy with how the app works. The presentation of the different articles is also great. I am used to seeing lists of headlines from many of the other news apps, but BBC News app presents the articles with screenshots captioned with the headlines. This is a great visual way to get people interested in an article. Because I am a very visual person, this feature is one of my favorites.

• Quality of the news

The articles seem to be high-quality. My favorite part of the quality of BBC News’s app’s news is that the articles seem to have been proofread. I recently used a news app that featured articles that had all sorts of grammatical errors. Reading those articles was a disappointment, whereas reading this app’s articles is a pleasure because the articles appear to come from reliable sources or at least from professional writers.

• Features

I like being able to switch languages and finding articles by geographical region. This is a great interactive way to encourage the user to look for articles that interest him or her. I also like that the app can be customized somewhat. I can add what categories of articles that I want to read, so that if I am not into reading sports articles I can not have any sports-related articles show up. Another great feature is the live radio option, which is great to use if you like hearing your news instead of reading it.

All in all, I would highly recommend the BBC News app. This is a high quality news app that offers plenty of good headlines, features, and videos. Anyone looking for a news app will enjoy BBC News app.

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