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Basic PC Maintenance Tips

To maintain your computer and keep it into shape is something that’s very important for you so as to save time and effort while using it. It will probably make it easier for you to do your tasks in a fast and efficient way while enjoying doing it not going crazy, doing it cause your computer is so slow or hanging up or not doing the task at all …etc.

So what are the Basic PC maintenance tips?

Tip #1:

1. Keep your computer always clean.

Clean your recycle bin. Clean your temp files, empty them always: This can be done by browsing to the temp folder which is located C:UsersXAppDataLocal where x is the username, select all files by pressing CTRL+A then hit the DEL button and press YES. Remove any unwanted programs from your computer, or programs that were trial version and are expired now and you can do so by going to your “Add Remove Programs” in win XP or “Programs and features” in vista which are located at Control Panel, open it and choose the programs you want to remove and hit the remove/uninstall button.

Note: You can reach the control panel from Start menu located at the left bottom corner of your screen.

Clean your hard disk, a lot of us keep on copying stuff to their hard disks and saving a lot of files or downloading from the internet stuff that they may only need them temporarily and not permanently and we end up leaving all those stuff on our hard disk jamming it with loads and then it leads to running out of disk space message, so try from time to time to empty your hard disk leaving at least 1 GB free space on your hard drives will lead to a faster computer. Clean your hardware: try to get an air blower unplug your computer from electricity and blow your computer from dust which is accumulated on it’s different parts especially power supply and processor fans and also the top of your CRT screen if you still have one of those.

Tip #2

2. Protect your computer from viruses: a lot us are transferring data from to our pcs daily or downloading data from the internet all these things will lead to transferring viruses on the way so the best way to avoid such stuff is to keep your computer operating system up to date for all security threats and also to use one of the antiviruses available like Norton, panda…etc and I would recommend avast antivirus it’s free for home users and the latest version is very handy.

You can download it through this link:


Tip #3

3. Protect your computer from spyware: there are lots of antispyware programs that can be downloaded from the internet and works fine to protect your pc from such threat.

Tip #4

4. Disk Defragment: when you put stuff on your computer then delete them gabs on your computer hard disk will occur those gabs are then used once again once you wanted to put something on your hard disk which fits on those gabs, at the end the result will be a hard disk with a lot of empty gabs , those gabs will lead to a slow pc as fetching information from the hard disk will be slower and harder so this feature [Disk Defragment] can be used to solve this gab problem you can do this by going to start then programs then Accessories then system tools then disk defragment and indicate which drive you want to apply this process for and apply it.

Lastly, try to keep frequent maintenance to your computer, don’t just let it go extremely bad for you to recover it just every once in a while try to apply the tips above.

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