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Interesting Facts about Facebook

Perhaps you’re one of four hundred million Facebook users who logs into your user account at least once every month or maybe you log in every day and has what psychologists call FAD (Facebook Addiction Disorder). No matter how addicted you are to Facebook, you may not know some of …

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Astronaut Checks in to Foursquare from Outer Space

Devotees of the geo-location networking application Foursquare might want to look away now. Foursquare rewards users that check into various locations with a series of badges, which, can generate fiercely competitive behaviour amongst hardened ‘badge collectors’. NASA astronaut Doug Wheelock has just claimed a world first and claimed a brand …

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Google Maps Tips and Tricks

Google Maps uses an intuitive interface to let you find a location, get directions, and compare routes. This popular mapping tool is used on many websites and is embedded in various applications. Google Maps make it easy to map an address and get directions to or from that address, but …

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Photo Software Editing

As every digital camera photographer has experienced, what we saw was not quite what we got. This is not anything we worry ourselves over nowadays though. We have a vast selection of options, right at out our fingertips. Digital photography has changed everything about how we process our photos today. …

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How Headphones Work

Have you ever wondered how speakers work? Or headphones or earbuds? It’s not that complicated and they all work pretty much the same way, it’s just a matter of size differences. What happens is, an electronic signal is sent to a doohickey called a transducer, which is basically a bit …

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